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We are a nautical school teaching classes for the main sailing qualifications for the control of pleasure boats and jet skis. You can attend courses in person, by distance learning and by video conference. We also handle all the necessary administrative formalities for sitting the exam, sailing practice and the award of the qualification.

•Electro-mobility: We offer the services you need to register plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEVs), range-extended electric vehicles (REEVs) and fuel cell vehicles, and obtain a ‘zero emissions’ permit to park in green and blue regulated parking service spaces for an unlimited time and without a parking pass. We also advise users on the installation and authentication of charging points for electric vehicles as needed and applying for possible subsidies.
•Hunting licences: We process all hunting and fishing permits and licences for all regions as needed, as well as taking care of insurance and all other administrative formalities related to hunting, working to the timescale you need.
•Insurance: Request a boat or car insurance quote and we can help you, whatever your needs. Contact us at
•Fleet management: We offer comprehensive fleet management, from the registration of vehicles to the conclusion of contracts, key storage, payment of taxes and everything your business needs.



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